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Infusing the taste of over 60 different edible flowers, weaving folklore with flavor!

The Flower-Infused Cocktail: Flowers, with a Twist is the flower-lover's favorite book, with a fresh take on traditional mixology, infusing the taste of over 60 different edible flowers with history and folklore.

  • 63 cocktail and mocktail recipes, each with uniquely different edible flowers.

  • Over 100 additional recipes for crafting unique drinks from your homemade edible flower pantry.

  • Little notes of floral history and folklore and information about how to use them in a cocktail.

  • Recipes to create Base Spirit Infusions, Cordials, Shrubs, Simple Syrups, Infused Salts, Bitters and more.

  • Tips on building your home bar and sourcing edible flowers.

  • Inspiration to celebrate flowers beyond the vase.

The Flower-Infused Cocktail is available for pre-orders from the following retailers:

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